Wednesday, November 13, 2013

McKinney, TX Family and Child Photographer: The B Family

these are some cali to texas transplants ;) so I was happy to see some boots in these pics lol

how gorgeous is this family...

B fam xmas7 2013-11-13_002 2013-11-13_006 2013-11-13_007 B fam xmas38 2013-11-13_005 2013-11-13_004 2013-11-13_001 2013-11-13_015 2013-11-13_014 2013-11-13_013 2013-11-13_009 2013-11-13_012 B fam xmas27 2013-11-13_003 2013-11-13_010 2013-11-13_011 B fam xmas41 2013-11-13_008 B fam xmas1

McKinney, TX Family Photographer: The B Family

I had my work cut out for me with these 2 cutie pies. A quick mini, downtown streets, and some independent ladies made this pregnant photog work for it --- but in the end, their sweet smiles and sneaky faces are exactly what I was hoping for.

2013-11-10_002 B downtown fall6 2013-11-10_004 2013-11-10_005 B downtown fall1 2013-11-10_010 2013-11-10_008 B downtown fall2 2013-11-10_007 2013-11-10_011 2013-11-10_009 2013-11-10_006
B downtown fall3
B downtown fall28